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11/09/2012 / Music

Last Knight - Talking to the Moon

Since 2010 Martin Gudd is collaborating with Spanish artist and musician Jose Manuel Medina and his international project 'Last Knight'. The first album is due to release as 'Talking to the Moon', a triple album with 54 songs. On this album you will also hear 'Mein Freund', written by Martin Gudd.



The artists engaged in this project are:


Jose Manuel Medina (Mandalaband, Canon Jack), Spain - Composer, Producer, Orchestral Arrangements, Piano, Electric Piano, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Bass, Electric Guitars, Hammond


David Rohl (Mandalaband), United Kingdom - Composer, Narrator, Main Vocals, Keyboards


Troy Donockley (Nightwish, Iona), United Kingdom - Composer, Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistles, Thin Whistles, Electric Guitars


Ashley Mulford (Sad Café, Mike & The Mechanics), United Kingdom - Composer, Bass, Electric Guitars


Marc Atkinson (Riversea), United Kingdom - Composer, Main Vocals


Theo Travis (Travis & Fripp, Soft Machine Legacy, Steven Wilson), United Kingdom - Composer, Tenor Sax, Flutes


Geoffrey Richardson (Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Caravan, Murray Head), United Kingdom - Composer, Viola, Violin


Lisa Fury (Karnataka, Chasing the Monsoon, Fleetwood Bac), United Kingdom - Main Vocals


Colin Mold (Karnataka), United Kingdom - Violin


Robert Gerrard (Think Floyd), United Kingdom - Keyboards


Milasa, Russia - Main Vocals


Cindy L. Spear, Australia - Lyricist


Nelson Pombal (Funes), Argentina - Composer, Electric Guitars


Pablo Lato (Funes, Enfadados), Argentina/Spain - Composer, Producer, Bass, Electric Guitars, Percussion, Backing Vocals


Emilio Gutierrez (Kashmir, Enfadados), Spain - Piano, Keyboards, Programming, Hammond


Sergio Garcia (Canon Jack, Pablo Valdes & Crazy Lovers), Spain - Composer, Electric Guitars


Viriu Fernandez (Llangres), Spain - Composer, Bouzouki


Borja Baragano (Llangres), Spain - Composer, Flutes


Jose Ramon Gutierrez (Enfadados), Spain - Electric Guitars


Pedro Victor Martinez (Heimdall), Spain - Composer, Bass


Mario Herrero (Heimdall, Vendaval), Spain - Electric Piano, Keyboards


Eduardo Garcia, Spain - Piano, Keyboards


Julian Julien (Fractale), France - Alto Sax


Ed Unitsky - Artwork


...and Martin Gudd (Ambscape), Germany - Composer, Keyboards







New Video, created by Jose Manuel Medina, with new tracks from the coming album...




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This is the first track of the album 'Talking to the Moon'...




The first video, created by Jose Manuel Medina in 2011, shows some musical parts of the project...