Artist Bio - just the facts

Martin Gudd is the man behind Ambscape, the german-based project of 'Music and Landscape'.


He always had a special liking for landscapes and for the sky. He often explored and watched them both for hours to feel their power and to write down his imaginations into notes. The first sound-experiments date back into the 70ies, mainly on keyed instruments.


Playing accordion, keyboards and drums in local bands, he later left the path of music to study earth sciences and to follow a successful career in the media with his own company.


A few years ago his reviving passion for the music led him decide to rediscover the musical power of landscapes. Since 2009 he is creating new songs and sounds and since then he is keen on improving his compositional skills. Martin is mainly influenced by such expressive artists like Vangelis, Eno, Kitaro, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes and King Crimson. And Ambscape is the platform for presenting his works.


He is living near Frankfurt/Germany, holds a doctor of science, and he is mainly working as a broadcaster for Radio and TV.


Martin Gudd ('Ambscape'), Summer 2012